Blacklisted Companies

It seems that more and more companies are indiscriminately sending out junk mail in the form of letters and huge catalogues to businesses in the vain hope that they might buy something from them. It’s understandable that a company might want to send a letter introducing itself: to send repeated letters when you have never received a response; or to send huge catalogues is a waste of resources on both sides.

Our policy is simple:

  • If we want to buy something we will look for a suitable company to supply us.
  • If we don’t want to buy something, the last thing we want is the additional overhead of handling the junk mail sent to us, and the additional environmental cost of disposing of it.
  • If you have sent us repeated junk mail or unsolicited large junk mail, we will add you to the blacklist. You will never receive any business from us.

The Email

I’m always conscious of the environment, and I wouldn’t want you to feel that you’ve spent a lot of money printing mailshots and sending them to me, when all that happens is that they go straight into the recycling.
So to save the environment and to save you money, please remove Europoint Communications Ltd from your mailing list and any other databases you may have.

The Blacklist

CompanyReason for BlacklistDate of Request for RemovalSubsequent Request for Removal
BigDug LtdUnsolicited Catalogue01/12/201209/06/2014, 18/10/2014
X4 GroupRepeated unsolicited emails advertising unwanted job applicants from “Andrew Dawkins”Ignored and added to Spam list