Most of the articles that are published on this site  are fairly serious (well, always serious), but there is amusement in the IT industry, albeit often a rather rarefied humour.  Two sites are always worthy of mention, and All of the pictures link through to the originals and I fully acknowledge the genius of authors of these works!

1. Computers can only be understood by IT professionals

Quite often, when I’m asked how to fix a computer, I do this:

A Little Light Relief

2. In-Jokes for Technical People

If you aren’t technical, this probably won’t amuse you at all. There’s something about basic security that always foxes people though.

3. How Many People Does It Take?

How many times have you worked on a project where this is the norm?

Dilbert - Man Days

4. What exactly is it that you want?

The look of horror that crosses every Business Analyst or Product Owner’s face when I ask them for their requirements…



I have so many Dilbert cartoons, each of which brightens up the day. Are there any other genius reflections on IT life out there?


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