europoint - the company

We provide quality assurance,management and technical consultancy for software and hardware projects across the UK.

For more than 22 years, we have supplied high quality testing and delivery solutions to blue chip organisations in the public, financial, supply and industrial sectors.

We have a broad and knowledgeable technical skill base, developing and maintaining metrics packages for our clients allowing them to efficiently manage their projects.

our skill base

With wide-ranging management experience, strong technical working knowledge, and qualifications including ISEB Software Practitioner, PRINCE2, RESILIA and Agile Leadership, we can supply the necessary skills to match your requirements.

our trusted network

It’s a perennial problem: who can you trust to successfully deliver your IT project?

With over 20 years experience in the IT space and a dedication to professionalism and quality, we know whom you can trust to do the job right, first time.

Our Clients

Founded in 1998, Europoint Communications prides itself in delivering professional, knowledgeable test resource to high-profile software delivery projects in the UK.
We have worked with clients such as Resonate, Platform Smart at HSBC, AXELOS, Shiftpoint at Rolls-Royce, Experian, Capita, Ecotricity, Logica Esis, Clerical Medical Investment Group, and The Environment Agency.

Major Contracts

Whatever IT expertise you need, we have a wide range of experience and years of knowledge that can be rapidly deployed.  We pride ourselves on being able to quickly understand the business needs and technological solutions required to deliver your requirements.

Best Practice

Having worked with AXELOS to deliver Best Practice into organisations across the world, we now strive to implement the most appropriate methodologies and frameworks into your company so that you can deliver quicker, better and right first time.

Technological Thoughts

Identifying Docker Container IP Addresses

Identifying Docker Container IP Addresses

I have been starting to use Docker to implement a number of applications (Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, GitLab etc), but one issue I have encountered is, that unless you create specific networks for each container, on starting the container, it is given a random IP...

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The (Not So) Impersonal Touch

I received a telephone call this evening from a company that purported to be Lorien (on 0333 023 0006 if you are interested), a recruitment consultancy. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem, although at quarter to eight in the evening, is perhaps not the most...

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Bringing Agile Practices to the Every Day

For the past four years, I have been working in a fairly agile environment, with intentions of bringing in the DevOps culture of automation for repetitive tasks to reduce the human level of interaction and potential for error. Naturally this is in an Information...

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Sunrise Sets With a Fresh Outlook

Sunrise Sets With a Fresh Outlook

One of the top calendar apps for iOS and Android, Sunrise has long been a favourite of mine for its simplicity but also its ability to connect to a number of different sites (Office 365, Outlook, Exhange, Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook, Wunderlist, Google...

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Nasty Scam Spams

I've had a couple of these, rather pernicious, spam emails recently, which purport to be from Her Majesty's Courts & Tribunal Service and stating I need to attend court to hear the charges against me. Quite what the charges are, and when the court date is, I can't...

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Sharemouse a KVM for the modern age

I recently bought a Surface Pro 3, and since I already have a workstation of considerable proportions under my desk, I began looking for a KVM, or Keyboard/Video/Mouse unit so that I could switch between the two machines without having to...

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Where Does Time Go?

It has been four years since a small hiatus was announced for Europoint Communications.

In the event, this only lasted around 18 months, until October 2018. In that time, Matthew Cunliffe has obtained PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner and RESILIA Practitioner qualifications, and worked for both HSBC and Resonate.

So what now?

The COVID19 virus, together with the threat of IR35 has resulted in a downturn in business. Most businesses who need short-term expertise to fill a gap have naturally let go many contractor services as they send their employees to work from home; IR35 prompted large organisations to insist on contractors either joining them as employees or working under a PAYE arrangement, both of which resulted in a loss of revenue.

Europoint Communications has always paid a salary commensurate with that which would be paid in any business for the roles involved. It has also ensured that there was sufficient capital in the business to cover the additional costs (Corporation Tax, Employers’ National Insurance, Pensions etc) of any business and to ensure that when work is slack (as was the case in 2001 after 9/11), employees could continue to be paid.

Furlough and opportunities

The double onslaught of COVID19 and IR35, despite the fact it has been “delayed” for a year, have nevertheless already inflicted a toll on many businesses. Whilst we have never asked for handouts from the government in the 22 years this company has been in existence, employees are now being furloughed, and we will be taking up the British government’s offer to pay 80% of all salaries.

Meanwhile, we are encouraging everyone who has been furloughed to look at ways to help out during this crisis: Whether it is keeping in contact with elderly and vulnerable neighbours, friends and family, doing odd jobs or shopping trips, or volunteering for foodbanks, the NHS or helping to bring in the harvests, it’s time to give back to the nation, and show that we aren’t a country of “me me mes”.

Taking a Break

Europoint Communications will be taking a break for a while, whilst Matthew Cunliffe explores new avenues of technology and career.

You Made a Difference

For Christmas 2014, Europoint Communications ran a poll asking you to vote for one of ten charities to receive a proportion of £5000 and Make a Difference.  Thanks to you, the votes are now in, and we have now donated a total of £5004 (rounding up the amounts) to the ten charities below.

It’s not over. These charities need our help every day of the year, not just at Christmas. So why not, find out more about Make a Difference and donate?

Charity Results


Matthew Cunliffe

Matthew Cunliffe


Matthew Cunliffe has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and continues to maintain a keen interest in the latest technical advances in both software and hardware.

With regular training to ensure that he remains in the top echelons of his profession, Matthew holds both ISEB Foundation and Practitioner Certificates in Software Testing, together with the PRINCE2 Foundation, Practitioner and Agile Practitioner certificates and RESILIA Foundation and Practitioner certificates. Having a strong technical knowledge has allowed Matthew to involve himself in all aspects of the Information Technology space, as Head of IT, Technical Architect or Test Manager.

Matthew has strong transferable skills that have allowed him to easily manage large projects, control multi-million pound budgets, and manage the ICT team whilst working on technical delivery; team management; design and architecture; Disaster Recovery and failover; through automated testing; development of metric gathering tools, Dashboards and test harnesses; project planning; and Quality Assurance.

With such a wide and varied skillset, Matthew is ideally placed to rapidly integrate into existing projects or introduce the appropriate quality processes into new. For an in depth view of Matthew’s skills and past client base, please take a few minutes to view his Curriculum Vitae below.

Matthew Cunliffe MA Head of IT, Technical Architect, QA and Test Consultant
Availability: May 2020
Job Roles: Head of IT, Quality Assurance Manager, Test Manager, Technical Architect, Test Lead
Role Type: Contract
Preferred Locations: East Midlands, West Midlands, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Coventry, Birmingham

  • AXELOS PRINCE2 Foundation
  • AXELOS PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner
  • AXELOS RESILIA Foundation
  • AXELOS RESILIA Practitioner
  • Gilb Agile Inspection Leader
  • ISEB Practitioner in Software Testing
  • ISEB Foundation in Software Testing

References available on request