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We provide quality assurance,management and technical consultancy for software and hardware projects across the UK.

For more than 22 years, we have supplied high quality testing and delivery solutions to blue chip organisations in the public, financial, supply and industrial sectors.

We have a broad and knowledgeable technical skill base, developing and maintaining metrics packages for our clients allowing them to efficiently manage their projects.

our skill base

With wide-ranging management experience, strong technical working knowledge, and qualifications including ISEB Software Practitioner, PRINCE2, RESILIA and Agile Leadership, we can supply the necessary skills to match your requirements.

our trusted network

It’s a perennial problem: who can you trust to successfully deliver your IT project?

With over 20 years experience in the IT space and a dedication to professionalism and quality, we know whom you can trust to do the job right, first time.

Our Clients

Founded in 1998, Europoint Communications prides itself in delivering professional, knowledgeable test resource to high-profile software delivery projects in the UK.
We have worked with clients such as Resonate, Platform Smart at HSBC, AXELOS, Shiftpoint at Rolls-Royce, Experian, Capita, Ecotricity, Logica Esis, Clerical Medical Investment Group, and The Environment Agency.

Major Contracts

Whatever IT expertise you need, we have a wide range of experience and years of knowledge that can be rapidly deployed.  We pride ourselves on being able to quickly understand the business needs and technological solutions required to deliver your requirements.

Best Practice

Having worked with AXELOS to deliver Best Practice into organisations across the world, we now strive to implement the most appropriate methodologies and frameworks into your company so that you can deliver quicker, better and right first time.

Technological Thoughts

Keeping Your Privacy on the World Wide Web

I recently attended a talk at the Nottingham and Derby BCS Branch on the imminent activation of the so-called "Cookie Directive" in British law. The law, in a nutshell says that, unless the information you are gathering from a person on your website is...

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Lean Quality Assurance: Preventing Defects Down The Line

Last week, I had the fantastic opportunity to travel down to London to attend a two day course on Lean Quality Assurance at the British Computer Society headquarters, just off Covent Garden. The course itself was run by Tom and Kai Gilb, who are pre-eminent in their...

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Time to Abandon Internet Explorer

Over the last couple of months, I've been updating this website, changing the overall look and feel, adding the blog and uploading some (hopefully) useful utilities and document templates. When you're writing a website, your primary concern is to ensure that it is...

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When to Implement Agile or Traditional Development Processes

I've been working in the software testing industry for around 14 years. The vast majority of the time, the projects that I've been involved with have not followed any clearly proscribed methodology, but typically leaned towards the Waterfall model where requirements...

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Smart Banking But Not So Intelligent Security

I'm not new to having gripes about online banking security: not only have I been involved in testing credit card processing and e-commerce websites, but I ended up cancelling a credit card for their implementation of 3D Secure (also known as "Verified by Visa" or...

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Matthew Cunliffe

Matthew Cunliffe


Matthew Cunliffe has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and continues to maintain a keen interest in the latest technical advances in both software and hardware.

With regular training to ensure that he remains in the top echelons of his profession, Matthew holds both ISEB Foundation and Practitioner Certificates in Software Testing, together with the PRINCE2 Foundation, Practitioner and Agile Practitioner certificates and RESILIA Foundation and Practitioner certificates. Having a strong technical knowledge has allowed Matthew to involve himself in all aspects of the Information Technology space, as Head of IT, Technical Architect or Test Manager.

Matthew has strong transferable skills that have allowed him to easily manage large projects, control multi-million pound budgets, and manage the ICT team whilst working on technical delivery; team management; design and architecture; Disaster Recovery and failover; through automated testing; development of metric gathering tools, Dashboards and test harnesses; project planning; and Quality Assurance.

With such a wide and varied skillset, Matthew is ideally placed to rapidly integrate into existing projects or introduce the appropriate quality processes into new. For an in depth view of Matthew’s skills and past client base, please take a few minutes to view his Curriculum Vitae below.

Matthew Cunliffe MA Head of IT, Technical Architect, QA and Test Consultant
Availability: May 2020
Job Roles: Head of IT, Quality Assurance Manager, Test Manager, Technical Architect, Test Lead
Role Type: Contract
Preferred Locations: East Midlands, West Midlands, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Coventry, Birmingham

  • AXELOS PRINCE2 Foundation
  • AXELOS PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner
  • AXELOS RESILIA Foundation
  • AXELOS RESILIA Practitioner
  • Gilb Agile Inspection Leader
  • ISEB Practitioner in Software Testing
  • ISEB Foundation in Software Testing

References available on request